School policies are available by following the links below. They are also available to view in the school office at any time during the school day.

Name Size Open Download
Able Gifted and Talented Policy 24.09.17.pdf 379.98 KB
17B Accessibility Plan 2016 - 2019.pdf 387.72 KB
Admissions Policy 12.6.17.pdf 293.71 KB
10A Anti-bullying Policy 19.09.17.pdf 988.44 KB
Assessment, Record Keeping and Reporting Policy 24.9.17.pdf 861.2 KB
A9 Behaviour Policy 19.09.17.pdf 676.06 KB
Bribery Policy 26.10.2017.pdf 536.2 KB
33A Complaints Policy 25.09.17.pdf 363.41 KB
Continuous Professional Development Policy 01.09.2017.pdf 257.54 KB
2A Curriculum Policy 19.09.17.pdf 1.22 MB
Data Protection Policy - May 2018.pdf 383.59 KB
Display Policy 26.09.2017.pdf 267.56 KB
EAL Policy 01.08.2017.pdf 357.29 KB
11A Educational Visits Policy 25.09.17.pdf 460.33 KB
15A Equal Opportunities 25.09.17.pdf 298.65 KB
EYFS Cleaning and Hygiene Policy and Procedures 21.06.17.pdf 412.16 KB
EYFS Computing Policy 29.06.17.pdf 358.99 KB
EYFS Intimate Care and Toileting Policy 29.06.17.pdf 507.41 KB
EYFS Outdoor Play Policy 25.09.17.pdf 366.18 KB
EYFS Policy 25.09.2017.pdf 535.37 KB
e-Safety Policy update for 2018_19 TC.pdf 994.73 KB
12B Fire and Evacuation Procedure 12.08.17.pdf 457.13 KB
12A Fire Risk (Prevention) Policy 25.09.17.pdf 358.56 KB
13A First Aid Medication Illness and Accident Policy 07.07.17.pdf 441.18 KB
Food and Hygiene Policy 07.07.17.pdf 362.17 KB
11 Health and Safety Policy 25.09.17.pdf 758.14 KB
Homework Policy 26.09.17.pdf 273.89 KB
Marking Policy 7.11.17.pdf 458.13 KB
Missing Child Policy and Uncollected Child Policy 26.10.2017.pdf 471.96 KB
Pastoral Care Policy 26.09.17.pdf 275.11 KB
PSHE Policy 2017.pdf 372.12 KB
Risk Assessment Policy 25.09.17.pdf 265.96 KB
7A Safeguarding Policy - September 2018.pdf 880.34 KB
Safer Recruitment Policy 27.09.17.pdf 584.11 KB
School Lunches Policy - 06.07.17.pdf 925.59 KB
SEND Policy 2017.pdf 390.43 KB
SMSC Policy 31.10.17.pdf 403.17 KB
7C Staff Induction 1.9.2017.pdf 493.13 KB
STARS travel plan 08.01.2018-1.pdf 81.68 KB
Stress Management Policy - August 2017.pdf 389.81 KB
Student Policy 26.09.17.pdf 468.35 KB
Teaching and Learning Policy 20.09.17.pdf 442.57 KB
Transition Policy 25.09.17.pdf 355.41 KB
7B Whistleblowing Policy 25.09.17.pdf 346.24 KB
Volunteer Policy 27.09.2017.pdf 450.34 KB